Temporary Staffing

Do you need somebody for a couple months, half a year, longer? Identified Talent will find you your ideal candidate to fill the position you need. We want to assist you in building your best-in-class team. You can count on our team to accurately represent your company to your future candidates.

Direct Placement

The most impactful part of your company is your strong employees. Trust Identified Talent to bring you quality candidates that will help your business grow and thrive. We tell your story as we learn theirs. This ensures that you both have an understanding of each other and that both sides will be happy with their team.

HR Consulting

Unknowingly, behind every strong company is a strong human resources team. However, it's inevitable that the HR team falls behind while business owners are taking care of business. To ensure that your human resources team is strong like your business, we suggest implementing one or more single strategies to reinforce your company HR's infrastructure. Our team of experts will provide a comprehensive and professional examination of your workplace. We will then provide all the services that you will need to enhance your employees programs and augment your administrative services.

On-Demand Recruiting

Does your business need a large amount of new employees in a given period of time? Identified Talent has you covered. We provide a service where our HR specialists will assist you on the perfect candidate to assist you in filling your positions when needed. What is great about this service is you just let us know when!

Benefits to On-Demand Recruiting

- Specialized solutions to your desired needs

- Supports the search, screening, and scheduling of interviews

- Reduce time with fast services

- We have all the needed resources - no added expenses for you

- Seamless integration with your current HR and recruitment teams

- No extra fees for turning off and on our services

Our experienced sourcing and recruiting professional provide the guidance and expertise you need to manage and fulfill your talent acquisition needs. We ensure to provide you exceptional services on YOUR call.